This morning I played this really well done montage of more than 15 TV theme songs in less than 2 minutes.  I could only get like 10 of 'em, had a lot of people call who could get 6 or 7, but the contest was to name at least 8 correct for the 6-pack of lift tickets.  A pair for Lookout, Lost Trail & Snowbowl thanks to our friends at

I honestly thought this would go on for a good hour, but Kara called in and rocked it naming more than 8 of the themes correctly!

It's Friday so hopefully you're just standing around the office goofin' off with the gang, here's a stellar way to pass some time, plus it'll look like you're working.  Can you get all 15?  Make it an office contest...

Congrats to Kara and thank you to for hookin' up the lift tickets, we'll do it again next Friday.  And don't forget, if you've got beginners, is still offering the "Go With A Pro" deal, it's 3 days of lessons, 3 rentals & 3 lift tickets valid for this season.

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