With their tenth album Archangel set for an Aug. 14 release, Soulfly are giving fans a taste of what they can expect with the song "We Sold Our Souls to Metal." Check out the lyric video for the track above.

In an interview with Revolver, frontman Max Cavalera stated about the song, “It’s a killer track. It’s really fast, and only about two minutes long. It has a really cool, catchy chorus, but then the rest of the song almost reminds me of older Cannibal Corpse. And at the end it goes into this metal-meets-Pink Floyd kind of thing. It’s really wild and weird.”

In another interview, Cavalera gave more details about Archangel: “It’s a very epic, mystic kind of Soulfly record that we don’t really do every day. It’s one of those that come out once in a lifetime. An album like that comes out [with] really crazy sounds and very different dimensions. It’s more experimental than the other stuff. It’s still heavy as hell and it’s still fast.”

Soulfly's "We Sold Our Souls to Metal" tour with SoilworkDecapitated and Shattered Sun kicks off Sept. 30 in Los Angeles. Before that tour, Soulfly will spend much of July and early August in Europe playing various shows and festivals. For all their dates, go here.

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