The issue of shoplifting has become an epidemic in this country. it seems that every day you can turn on the television or scroll through social media, and you will find something about shoplifting. It has become so bad in places like San Francisco and Chicago, that some giant retailers are packing up shop and leaving town.

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Wal-Mart is considering offering a new plan that is similar to Amazon Prime. Wal-Mart is considering making people pay a yearly subscription to use the self-checkout areas of Wal-Mart stores. Seems ridiculous, right? No word on when and if this new "Walmart Plus" will be implemented in Montana.

Target is also looking to lower its losses due to theft or just simply limit the amount of "shrink." Target just announced a new policy that will affect all Montana stores.

Target To Close Stores In Several Cities Due To Theft And Violence
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Target announced that all self-checkouts in the store will now be EXPRESS-lane style. meaning customers are only allowed to check out 10 items or less.

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Dominick Reuter, a senior reporter at Business Insider said the change would yield quite a few challenges.

"One of them is this funny little notion called partial shrink," he explained. "Which is when a shopper perhaps either accidentally or intentionally doesn’t scan all of the items in their order. So, some of the stuff goes out the door without having been paid for."

Target Will Now Close On Thanksgiving Every Year
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This new policy was put in place to make the checkout process faster and easier to control. But, it will also cut down on loss due to theft.

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