We've had so many great submissions for our Tattoo Cover Up Contest, and now it's time to pick a winner. Lacy Zee herself picked these finalists but the final decision is all yours. The winner gets one of Lacy's incredible tattoo makeovers so they end up with ink they can be proud of. We want to thank everyone for taking the time to submit--we had so many great entries, which made it very hard to narrow it down. If you didn't make the top six, don't lose heart! Lacy is confident she can cover up most everything that was entered, so contact her for a consultation. What are we waiting for? Check out the photos, read the personal story behind the tattoo, and get voting!

Jon Hauge

Photo courtesy of Jon Hauge

"It was suppose to be an Autism Awareness tattoo in honor of my son and failed. I would like it to look like it was intended to look like."

Katie Bardwell

Photo courtesy of Katie Bardwell

"Last summer, a very dear friend of mine passed away following a motorcycle accident involving a deer. I got this tattoo as a tribute to him, but unfortunately, I made an impulse decision to let an apprentice do the piece. I didn't have the money to pay a standard price for the tattoo, and figured I would be helping a new artist get some more experience under their belt. I never thought it would come out looking like a prison tattoo. Now I feel like this piece is an insult to his memory, and am ashamed to show it to anyone, let alone people that also knew him. I don't necessarily want to change the premise of the tattoo, but would love to have it cleaned up, and livened up a bit. Some color to distract from the blowouts might be nice, but nothing too complicated...(besides fixing this disaster!) It would mean the world to me to be able to be proud of this tattoo"

Ana Torres

Photo courtesy of Ana Torres

"This is the attempt of a tribute tattoo that I got for my big brother Sgt. Travis Arndt. He was killed over seas in 2005. I asked for his dog tags but after getting it I realized the words on the dog tags are very hard to read. And if you look closer the words are crooked. I just wish I could have an amazing tribute for him, he was an amazing brother. I miss and love him more then anything. I hope I could get this cover up so I can honor him in a way that will stick with me forever and he would feel proud of. Thanks for taking the time to read this have a good day."

Ken Marquardt

Photo courtesy of Ken Marquardt

"This is my fiancé's tattoo that she got when her dad was diagnosed with cancer. The artist severely overworked it causing cellulitis and it scabbed over bad and looks like crap. The artist flaked and skipped town before redoing it as promised. She got this tattoo to show support for her father and is embarrassed at the state of it. Thankfully, her father was able to beat the cancer and is doing well. She had intended to get it redone sooner, but found out she was pregnant so tattoos were off the table. Our daughter was born February 15 so she is now cleared to get it fixed. I would love to surprise her by telling her she was selected to have her tattoo fixed as part of the contest and have this tribute to her dad look presentable"

Brent Herreid

Photo courtesy of Brent Herreid

"I'm open to artistic suggestion. I want it changed because I'm a guy with a tramp stamp. I got this thing when I was 18 ( young and dumb) and now I can't take my shirt off and get @#!$ from my wife all the time. Granted I deserve it but I'm ready for it to end."

James Vessey

Photo courtesy of James Vessey

"This was a bad time of my life. I've changed my life and would like to symbolize my success with a cover-up of that particular mistake. I would like something fantasy-based but artist's choice overall. Thank you for this opportunity."

Update: voting has now closed. Here are the results:

Congratulations to Jon!