We are still accepting submissions to be part of the Blaze Ghost Hunt team, for our upcoming paranormal investigation of the Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge. You and a friend could join 96.3 The Blaze and Tortured Souls Investigations for a creepy night in jail.

All you need to do is submit a spooky experience you may have had, or just reasons why you should be part of this year's annual ghost hunt. If you are chosen, you will be part of our biggest investigation yet. As we are going to attempt to uncover what is REALLY going on in one of the most haunted places in Montana.

Daniel R submitted a story recently, that describes a trip into an abandoned military bunker that had reported murders take place inside.

My wife and I were exploring an abandoned military bunker in the Mojave desert near Barstow California. This was a number of years ago, before we had children. Of course it was under the cover of night, it wasn't exactly legal to be there. As we made our way through the empty, graffiti scrawled halls, we both began to feel a growing unease, almost a sense of dread. Tragically, several months prior, two teenagers were shot execution style in a room on the lower level of the bunker. We entered the room they were reportedly killed in,the air was thick. We shined our flashlights against the far wall and to our surprise there had been no clean up. Blood stained the wall around two very obvious bullet holes. Our attention was fixed on the gory scene when something crashed behind us. It turned out to be a section of the upper level floor that had broken free and collapsed. While we were focused on the rubble, something that can only be described as a sob broke the silence behind us. It didn't take us long to high tale it out of there.

SUBMIT your story before Midnight on 10/12 for a chance to be part of the Blaze Ghost Hunting Crew.

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