Missoula has a rich history of hauntings. Our little corner of the earth used to be the heart of the "Wild West." Missoula is still very much like living in the past. There are many places in Missoula that have been around since it was first established. Historical buildings date back to the 1800s. Take the "mansion" of Thomas Greenough. Thomas was a congressman and a businessman. He built his mansion along Rattlesnake creek in 1902, only to have the construction of I-90 force the mansion to be moved to its current location in the South Hills. Now the mansion overlooks the valley and a golf course. Not to mention, it is one of Missoula's finest restaurants. But did you know that it is haunted?

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There are claims that the castle-like mansion is haunted by one of Thomas Greenough's children. The owners of The Keep, as well as employees, have claimed that the ghost of Edith Greenough still haunts the building. Edith seems to haunt in a very prankster style--flickering lights, breaking glasses, flushing toilets, and swinging chandeliers.

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Employees even have a room at The Keep that they refer to as "The Edith Room," mainly because the energy in the room can cause customers to argue across the room from each other. Almost as if there is negative energy in the room that is causing it.

The building burned down in the early '90s. Employees thought that the spirit of Edith went up in flames with the rest of the building. But, it appears that Edith is still there.

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Edith returned in 1999, and is up to more mischievous tricks, namely pushing aged customers down long flights of stairs. “I think Edith is pushing people down stairs for attention,” Bill adds. “It’s bizarre that the people who fell weren’t more seriously injured.”

What do you think? Have you ever had the feeling of being pushed at The Keep? Do you think the spirit of Edith really exists?

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