I have been having a rough bout with the fall leaves this year. Years past have been bad, but this year they just seem to be a pain in the butt (not to mention my back.) If you have as much disdain for raking leaves as I do, sometimes the only cure is a cold beer. Maybe even 2, or even 6.

What if I was to tell you that you can turn your leaf blower into a powered beer bong. This crowning achievement in modern technology could help you put down as many as 6 beers in under 1 minute. Don't believe me? Check out footage from competitive eater "LA Beast," as he successfully downs 6 beers in 40 seconds.

Obviously this is not the safest way to consume beer, and we don't recommend trying it at home. But, if you HATE Fall leaves as much as me, maybe you can put your leaf blower to good use.

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