I cannot count on all my fingers and toes, how many times I have overheard people talking about Olive Garden coming to Missoula. Just about any kind of "water cooler chat" that you might hear, will involve the phrase "you know what place we need in Missoula...?"

We reached out to listeners on our social media pages, with the simple question "What businesses would you like to see in Missoula?"

In my travels, I have come across many different restaurants and retail chains that I have found myself wishing we had here at home. Some of these places mean so much to people that they can go great lengths to get the feeling of having one of these places at home. For example, I had a good friend make a classic concert road trip to Salt Lake City. Before he left SLC, he texted me to ask what my In-N-Out burger order was. The thought of having a 14-hour-old burger didn't seem all that appealing. But, my pal eventually showed up on my doorstep with a box. The box contained everything I needed, completely deconstructed. All I needed to do was reheat the patty, and I had the perfect "double-double animal style."

We are not just talking about burger joints and restaurants. How about retail spots, jobs, or just fun?

There are many places that we wish we could shop at. Places like Trader Joe's are popular places all over the country. There are also places that could provide jobs to the community. Not to mention just places to have fun.

10 Businesses That Should Open a Location in Missoula

We asked, and you answered, and then we brainstormed a little bit too. Here are 10 businesses that we think should open a location in Missoula, Montana.

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