The Super Bowl is coming up on Sunday and it's one of the most highly viewed events of the year. If your team has been out of it for over a month, like mine, drinking games can give you another reason to watch! Now, remembering the game after playing these might be a different story.

Here are my top 5 drinking games for the Super Bowl-

#1 Take a shot or chug a beer every time Peyton Manning's name is said. The game is in Indy this year and Peyton's brother Eli is playing. This makes for a Peyton name-drop fest that will make your head spin.

#2 Place drink bets on position players and if they score, the owner has to chug a beer or take a shot. I have a feeling that whoever gets Tom Brady will not make it through the game.

#3 Make pull tabs for scores at the end of each quarter and the end of the game. The owner of the winning tabs must take a shot or chug a beer. Fun twist on a classic gambling method which also makes every score count!

#4 Since Madonna is playing the halftime show, take her top 5 songs and have your friends pick one. If the song you picked does not get played, you must chug two beers or take two shots. This also makes the halftime show relevant!

#5 For Giants and Pats fans, here's the real gauntlet. For every touchdown scored your team scores, a shot is taken. For every field goal, a beer is chugged. Even if your team isn't playing on Sunday, pick a team to drink with and you will be rooting for or against that team very quickly.

Play these, and not only will you have fun, but a good buzz is pretty much guaranteed.

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