Drummer Travis Barker has captured success with a bunch of different musical projects, including Blink-182, +44 and Box Car Racer. Additionally, Barker is the drummer for the hip-hop / punk rock hybrid Transplants – the logo of which Barker recently tattooed on his skull.

Barker is one of the few pop-punk drummers who can play in a seemingly infinite amount of styles. The heavy hitter has an extended resume in the world of hip-hop, having worked with Lil’ Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Lil’Jon and of course, Transplants.

The heavily tattooed Travis Barker hardly has a place on his body vacant of ink. The drummer has just taken his dedication to body modification to a new level, committing himself to an incredibly detailed and most likely very painful tattoo of the Transplants’ “Gas Mask Guy” logo on the back of his head. Even more recently, Barker posted photos of his continuing head-piece, getting “Barker,” “Family First” and a ton of designs encompassing his skull. The artwork inked onto Barker is finely detailed and accented by a talented tattoo artist, unlike the poor souls in our 10 Worst Rock Tattoos Ever and Worst Tattoos Ever – Part 2 features.

Many are interpreting the Transplants tattoo as confirmation that there will in fact be a new Transplants album in 2012 and possibly some touring in the band’s future. After two hiatuses in the band’s past, this tattoo may represent a newfound stability for the group, which also features Rancid’s Tim Armstrong.

Check out all the photos of Travis Barker’s new head-piece on TMZ.

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Travis Barker Head Tattoo

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