At about 10:45 a.m. on Thursday, Missoula police were called to the ATM at the First Security Bank location on East Broadway for a report of an explosion.

Police spokesman Travis Welsh picks up the story.

“9-1-1 received a call that an ATM had just exploded at the First Security Bank branch on East Broadway,” said Welsh. “Officers arrived and found a very heavily damaged  ATM and spoke with witnesses who reported seeing an elderly white male in his 60’s with gray hair, clean shaven and with no glasses. They observed him pouring probably a flammable liquid onto the ATM and then threw some kind of ignition device at the ATM which caused it then to explode before he drove away westbound on Main Street in a gray minivan.”

Welsh said the van has been located and there are two individuals were detained.

“We have two people detained and the investigation is ongoing,” he said. “One of the people detained does match the description given of the suspect. The bank itself was closed down due to recent storm damage. There were no other explosive devices found at the ATM, and there is no estimate of the damage done by the explosion.”

(photo courtesy of NBC Montana)