You have heard us talk about these guys many of times on the Blaze. They are lifesavers. I  personally have chosen them over the possibilty of driving home a couple times. This is a group of people who really care about keeping the streets safe. Think of them as superheros without the tight underwear. Now it is our turn to help save them. Jacquie, the bar manager at the Lucky Strike, has issued a challenge to the community and the local bars.

"UCallus program is a Designated Driver program that will come to the bar pick you up take you home, and bring you back to your car the next morning if you choose to have them do that.  There is no fee to the customer and the bars don't have a designated price to pay per year it is strictly donations only.  This is a non-profit organization that just wants to help keep the people of Missoula safe.  They are not just targeting DUI's so to speak they are also targeting keeping "actual" innocent people safe, keeping a intoxicated person from hurting themselves or someone else.  They are an awesome program to be a part of.  With the recent PSC (Public Service Committee) lawsuit the lawyers have now depleated their funds.  They are still operating and will continue to move forward; however as a Bar Manager I am asking for Missoula local bars, Missoula casinos, Missoula restaurants, Missoula Businesses all of Missoula basically to accept the Lucky Strike's challenge. "

If you work at a bar or resturant and have seen what good UCALLUS can do. Tell your Boss to step it up and make a donation to the cause. Or if you have any extra cash, every penny helps.

To pledge money or just to show them you support there cause. Send your Letter, Check or Money Order to:

PO Box 4552
Missoula, MT 59806

Or Call :


Also add them as a friend on Facebook : UCALLUS

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