Whether this Valentine's Day will mark your first date or 401st date, I'd be willing to bet your make out partner is expecting something more unique than flowers and chocolate.

That's where Doritos come in. A Doritos bouquet is perfect for many reasons, two of which are that everybody loves Doritos, and even the broke can afford a small bag of chips. And honestly, what lovely lady doesn't want cheesy orange dust all over their Valentine's get up?

The original Doritos bouquets were made of ketchup flavored chips, which were introduced in 2003 and quickly discontinued, and only available in Canada. The bouquets were offered for free and were completely gone almost immediately after they were available to order.

But there's still hope! You can make your own with these simple steps. If you accept the challenge, email us a photo of your finished project, even if it turns out poorly. Good luck and Happy VD!

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