It has been years since I have been involved in a collision with a deer. But, I struck one a few weeks ago, which led to a trip in the ditch and a deployed airbag. For me, it was one of the worst traffic accidents I have been in.

Thankfully I only ended up with minors cuts and bruises. But it messed me up psychologically. I now have a fear, that at any minute, a kamikaze deer is going to step out and attack me on the ride home from work. I think of it as some kind of payback for all the years of hunting.

My mind wanders now as I drive, I am constantly looking for signs of critters ready to pounce. Sometimes my imagination gets a little far out. With thoughts like "maybe the deer was drunk?" It really isn't that far fetched of a theory, considering the footage I found of a "deer beer run" back in 2009.