We are getting ready for our favorite time of year. Halloween is quickly sneaking up on us, and we couldn't be more excited. We are currently in the planning process of our annual paranormal investigation. For over a decade, we have been doing REAL investigations of some of the most haunted places in Montana.

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For those NOT familiar with our annual Ghost Hunt, it is more than just a spooky tour. We team up with the local paranormal investigation group, Tortured Souls Investigations. This group has been helping answer questions about what REALLY goes bump in the night. For many people affected by a haunting, they do far more than just investigate known haunted locations in Montana. This crew also helps families with questions about paranormal activity in their private homes.

tortured souls investigations via facebook

So far, we have a couple of places we would like to visit. We recently reached out to listeners to give us your feedback on possible locations to do this year's investigation. We have been kicking around the idea of visiting places like the Dumas Brothel in Butte, The old TB Clinic in Warm Springs, or even the abandoned orphanage in Twin Bridges.

tortured souls investigations via facebook

Now, I wasn't familiar with the claims of the abandoned orphanage in Twin Bridges. So I looked it up. Turns out the popular series "Ghost Adventures" did an investigation there in 2016. I immediately found the episode online and began watching it. In the end, it turned out to be one of the scariest episodes of the show I had seen in a long time. Balls moving on their own. Kids singing. Even dark entities.


Check out a portion of the episode NOW:



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