IT IS HERE! One of my favorite times of the year. The week leading up to the annual Griz/Cat game, and all the hilarious internet garbage that comes with it. Every year the internet gets flooded with great MEMEs and videos from both sides of the state, many of which tend to get a little out of hand, but still manage to produce a chuckle from just about anyone.

This year is no different, as both the Montana Grizzlies and the MSU Bobcats gear up to compete on national television.

There is one big concern about the banter among fans. What if all the back-and-forth "smack talk" manages to spill onto the airwaves? Could our actions lead to a game consisting of nothing but content beeps and FCC violations?

Exhibit A: the popular "Eat 💩 Grizzlies" chant from MSU Bobcat fans


As fun as this chant might be to shout at a 121-year-old rivalry game, it is not appropriate for all audiences. For anyone who has ever been to a Griz/Cat game in Bozeman, you may have noticed that just about all the fans cuss like sailors. Regardless of who the audience may be.

Don't get me wrong. Griz fans are not much better when it comes to the potty mouth. There is just a concern that with this year's Brawl of the Wild being featured on ESPN, could fans' "smack talk" end up tarnishing our image to other schools, ESPN, and college football fans?

Let's try and keep it classy!

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