This past week, I had the joy of driving nearly 2,200 miles on winter roads. That's right, I made the trip from western Montana to eastern Nebraska. Not to mention I made it in a front-wheel-drive car. It was nerve-racking, to say the least. With winter finally deciding to make its arrival, I found myself navigating some treacherous road conditions. Everything from high winds blowing a massive sea of tumbleweeds in South Dakota, to miles and miles of giant "slip n slides."

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The recent storm that hit much of Montana closed down portions of I-90 on the Montana/Wyoming border. Plus it brought plenty of black ice and hazardous roads. During my drive from Billings to Missoula, I witnessed multiple semi-trucks in the ditch along I-90. Not to mention, the occasional 4x4 pickup or SUV that always tends to learn the hard way that they are not immune to hazardous roads. You know? The people who always tend to drive way too fast for the road conditions and tend to make the roads even more dangerous with their "I drive a 4x4" attitude?

jack murrey via
jack murrey via

The Montana Highway Patrol was very busy earlier this week. They found themselves cleaning up the mess caused by the hazardous roads and unsafe drivers. With the possibility of big rigs shutting down traffic altogether, the MHP was quick to clear the roads and keep people moving. But, hazardous road conditions can be a challenge even for the MHP. Montana Highway Patrol recently posted dashcam footage of Trooper Wyatt Duncan doing his best to gracefully stay on his feet.

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