This holiday season, I have been doing my best to watch a Christmas movie with my son each evening. Recently, I introduced him to a holiday classic. The story of a young boy fending off a deadly home invasion in Chicago. No matter how many times I watch "Home Alone," I am left wondering how Kevin recovered from such a traumatic childhood.

Youtube channel BooYa Pictures created a trailer for a sequel to a holiday classic that I thought I would never see. A movie that looks at the life of Kevin McAllister 30 years after he defends his home from the "Wet Bandits."

Now that Kevin is older and wise to the art of protecting his home. His family leaves him alone in the house on another holiday vacation. He takes advantage of hi family being gone by doing things his wife would never let him do while she was home, like watch porn. But his party is cut short, when an older "Wet Bandits" show up to try again at robbing the home they failed on years ago.

Kevin uses more than just random boobie traps in the house. Lets just say that this time around he is a proud supporter of the 2nd amendment.

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