We depend on our technology for almost everything we do. And when we don't get the instant satisfaction from our fancy gadgets working like they're supposed to - we get fired up! Remember the days of dial-up internet? Now we get impatient if thigs don't load in the blink of an eye - there's no way the current versions of ourselves would survive in the year 2000. And there's nothing worse than wanting to open a website on your tablet or watch a video on your phone and it takes longer than you know it should to function. If you've noticed any sort of issues when it comes to your cellphone service over the last week.....you're not alone.

As people have returned to traveling again, coupled with a holiday weekend, an NBC Montana story says that the number of visitors to Montana towns could be to blame for some service issues including text messages that don't send, delayed voicemails, and calls that can't be completed. Yep.....everybody flocking to the hot spots in Western Montana could be part of the issue.....along with some other components.

The article quotes a Verizon spokesperson as saying, "This year more than ever before, people are looking to get out and travel, and the National Parks Service is expecting this to be their busiest season on record. While our network is engineered to handle voice and data traffic well above normal peak times, the network traffic seen here recently has been unprecedented. This has, at times, led to congestion, which has impacted network performance for some customers."

Issues have been reported in a number of places including Missoula, Bozeman, Whitefish, and Bigfork.

Have you ever been to a sporting event or a concert and you try and send a message? It appears you have enough service strength, but the message won't send and it leaves you feeling frustrated.....that's similar to the problems that have been reported over the last week.

Has your phone been having any service issues lately? If so, you may not want to overreact and get frustrated with your your device. It sounds like it's probably tower issues that should be resolved soon.

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