As a meat eater, I hear the arguments about "meat is murder" a lot. But, hunting is something that we as humans are pre-programmed to do. So is the much needed protein in our daily diet. Yet, anti-hunters and vegans think that killing another creature is wrong. That our quest to hunt down our dinner is just some sort of murderous blood lust.

Have you ever thought of what it would be like if the table was turned? What if animals were the one's with the murderous blood lust? If given the chance, I'm sure some of the critters we eat would take out entire families or even take over the world. Could you imagine? Cows taking over the world and enslaving the human race? Or, even worse, turning humans into food and creating burger restaurant chains across the country. You know just about any animal would turn into a complete rampaging psychopath if given the opportunity.

Take the wild turkey for example. These things have been staring us down with their beady little eyes for thousands of years. Plotting how they will get their revenge. I mean they are basically the equivilent of mini dinosaurs. For anyone, who has spent time in the field hunting them, you almost feel like you are in the movie "Jurassic Park." It is only a matter of time before they take over the human race....Think about that when you sit down for your turkey dinner this Thanksgiving. When your cousin is crying into her mashed potatoes, that some poor bird gave up their life to for your holiday meal. After watching the following video, you can think to yourself how good revenge tastes.

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