Congratulations to Tyrell & Carrie, they found The Blaze Easter Keg and win FREE BEER for a year from The Lucky Strike!


The keg was in the bushes in front of the shopping center on Reserve and 10th where Bombshell Salon and Missoula Massage are located.

So what the Hell did all those clues mean?

Candy Bar (It’s somewhere in the Milky Way)

East of what was almost Columbia. (Washington State was almost called Columbia)

Suburban Idaho (In Montana)

It’s not way over ‘frak’in there. (Not in Eastern, MT near the oil mines)

West of Mudvayne. (Mudvayne played Ryan Creek Meadows, East of Missoula)

North of Poker Joe’s  (Fishing access in the Bitterroot)

Study, study, study.  Enough studying...just fix it. (Years long study on what to do with Russell Street)

South of last years most prolific potholes (Russell Street Bridge)

The founders of this town must have been drunk! (Slant streets)

Hey bombshell, you look like you could use a massage. (Missoula massage & bombshell salon in the shopping center near 10th & Russell)

Big thanks to Jacquie and her awesome crew at The Lucky Strike!!

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