The wait is over. Lots of local Missoula metal fans have been patiently waiting for new music from Ceres. These guys have been leveling up each and every time they pick up their instruments. Creating more and more quality music, merch, and even music video. This time around they went BIG on production. Including a director and even aerial drone footage.

We recently interviewed Dan Beard, guitarist for Ceres, and he told us that they wanted to put out some high-quality content, in preparation for potential touring this summer.

"Emily Lynn directed the video, with the help of Braidon Mitchell and his drone photography company," Dan said. "We filmed it on my Dad's property in the Bitterroot Valley, so we could get some gorgeous shots of Saint Mary's Peak."

For the inside filming of the video, the band used an unfinished shop. Dan says "the shop almost resembles an industrial area, but with the lighting and fog, it kind of looks like you are having a mental breakdown." The shots are set up to reflect the meaning of the song. Dan says "the inside shots represent internal struggle, while the outside shots represent hope."

As far as the song itself, Ceres is known for putting a lot of thought and feeling into their lyrics. Dan tells us that the song "Take the Crown" is "about find your place where you have control of your life. And not letting outside forces control you. "Take the Crown" is somewhat like taking your honor back after dealing with horrific stuff. Essentially taking back your honor and pride."


You can find Ceres on the road in the next few weeks. But, they will also be performing in Missoula on June 11th at the ZACC. Part of what they are calling a "Schools Out Party" which will be an all-ages show.

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