I've never been a big fan of the fair...Mostly because I can't do a lot of rides. I have a weird motion sickness deal. If I go, it's because of the cool dog contests or the fair food. But a brewfest?

The Missoulian announced on Tuesday that the Western Montana Fair will be hosting their first-ever brewfest this summer, hoping to attract more people.

The Missoulian also reported that Bayern Brewing will be partnering with the fair and are also reaching out to other breweries around town, as well as Montana.

The brewfest is slated for August 12 in the Culinary Building on the fairgrounds. It'll run from 5:30 p.m. until 10 p.m., with a $12 entry fee and $2 for extra tickets.

If you don't already attend the fair every year, would a brewfest event encourage you to go? Comment below.

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