With yesterday's game being such an ass whoopin, I found myself enjoying the commercials more than the game. Even though their were a ton of good commercials on yesterday, I narrowed it down to my three favorite, and here is why.

  • The Chrylser/ Dodge commercial featuring Bob Dylan

This commercial was my favorite simply because it really tugged at my "red blooded Amercian heartstrings." The way Bob Dylan narrated the ad was great. The commercial summed up how tough of a time we are having as Americans, but how we are not beaten down. The rest of the world can have their niches in the economy, but we will always have ours too.

  • The Doritos Time Machine

I likes how Doritos has been offering fans a chance to make commercials for them. Their hit ad yesterday was a fan made idea, about a kid and his time machine. What better way to talk someone out of an entire bag a chips than to make them sit in a refrigerator box and tell them it is a time machine. Works every time.

  • The Turbo Tax Prom

I was screaming "funny cause its true" the entire time I was watching this ad. John C. Reilly narrated a spot for Turbo Tax, where he talks about the fottball fans, who's team didn't make it to the Super Bowl. In the ad he describes how it is " a lot like going to the prom and seeing Shawn dancing with your high school crush."