In the past 21 years, a lot of famous artist have passed through Missoula. Besides the flaming dumpster fire that was 2020, we usually would have the pleasure of inviting some of these artists into the Blaze studio to chat. Most of the time we will get rockstars call us from the road, leading up to the date they are set to perform in Missoula. But, every so often we would lure one into the studio. Sometimes they would invite themselves.

Even though memory fades a little after 21 years, we can still look back on some of our favorite guests.

Some of my favorites include:

1) Scott Ian of Anthrax/ The Damned Things (2011)

Scott's band "The Damned Things" opened for Volbeat over a decade ago. Having Scott pay us a visit in the Blaze studio was surreal. A legend of our generation, just kicking it in our tiny studio. Something we will never forget. Check out footage from Scott's interview with Shawn and the Rockstar Radio Show.

2) Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace 2012

It is not everyday when you answer the studio line and a rockstar is cold calling you from the other end. It happened on my show in the early part of 2012. As I was just getting started with the afternoon show, the phone lights up and none other than the OG voice of Three Days Grace was on the other end. Adam Gontier was simply stopping through Missoula that day for an acoustic performance at the Wilma. He called the studio wanting to know if he could come in and kick it with me on the air. I obviously obliged and the interview was outstanding. You can listen to the full interview in the link below.

3) Elias and Rasheed of Nonpoint 2015

Here is another one of those cases when a band was in town for a performance and was looking for something to do before the show. This time it was the frontman and guitarist for Nonpoint. Elias and Rasheed were simply looking for a place to kick it for awhile before the show. They called up asking if they could take over the Blaze studio for an hour or two. What resulted was one of the best quality in studio performances we ever captured. Listen to there acoustic version of their hit song "Breaking Skin" and their kick ass cover of Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sherriff."

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