Do you still have a hole in your chest years after Adult Swim's Metalocalypse came to an end? Luckily, mastermind Brendon Small has continued to make music as part of his project Galaktikon, and today he has released his new song "My Name Is Murder" from his upcoming album Galaktikon II: Become the Storm, which is due Aug. 25. 

It's a song that shows how well Small has nailed the fundamentals of metal throughout his career as a musician, in whatever capacity it comes in. Guitars and drums (courtesy of longtime collaborator Gene Hoglan) rail together to rush through verses like a sonic motorcycle tearing down the highway. He intersects his vocals from time to time, throaty growls that compliment the song perfectly. The rush of the guitar work slows down a tad, allowing for sweeping solos to take over.

Of the song, Small said, "I wrote all the riffs for "My Name Is Murder" in one sitting, and it quickly became a favorite while we were making the record. Story-wise, this song is about a bad dude doing very bad things, and writing from the POV of a bad guy is very, very fun for me."

The record is going to be stacked to the top with killer tunes, the musicians swear on it. Gene Hoglan made a statement saying, "I’m extremely proud to be the drum dude on the album of the year, Brendon Small’s Galaktikon II: Become the Storm. It really does encapsulate Brendon’s approach towards music over the years into an incredible amalgamation of his style, as well as mine. The ferocity of Dethklok, the melody of Galaktikon and the grandeur of The Doomstar Requiem are all supremely represented in this kick ass record and I, for one, deem it to be required listening for anyone demanding that the music they listen to be ball-crushingly glorious.”

Galaktikon II: Become the Storm will be released on Aug. 25 through Megaforce Records/MRI and pre-orders are available now on CD, original vinyl, picture disc vinyl and digitally through iTunes or Amazon. Hear the song above!

Brendon Small's Galaktikon II: Become The Storm 

Megaforce Records/MRI
Megaforce Records/MRI

Galaktikon, Galaktikon II: Become the Storm Track Listing

01. “Some Days Are for Dying”
02. “Icarus Six Sixty Six”
03. “The Agenda”
04. “The Ocean Galaktik”
05. “My Name Is Murder”
06. “Become the Storm”
07. “Nightmare”
08. “Could This Be the End”
09. “To Kill a God”
10. “Exitus”
11. “Rebuilding a Planet”

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