Hello everyone! It's Kayla, your 107.5 Zoo FM One-Woman Street Team, here again! I am here this week to show you all of the beauty that Missoula has to offer.

Every morning on my drive to Missoula from Seeley Lake I am amazed by all the beautiful views I get to see, Whether it be the Blackfoot River, one of the many surrounding lakes or even just local wildlife, there is always something great to see.

Even within the city of Missoula you can see some pretty amazing views.

Even with all of the natural beauty Missoula has to offer one of the even more interesting things to see is the people of Missoula. Missoula is a melting pot of every form of person which is why everyone feels so welcome here.

Along with making everyone feel welcome, Missoulians are also great at coming togehter to have fun. Every week we come together as a community to celebrate things like Out To Lunch and Downtown Tonight..


If your not into social gathering it's also nice to just sit by the river and relax or take in some of the other activities that are happening.

No matter how you spend you days, nothing beats a good ol' Montana sunset!

We are lucky to live in such a baeutiful place like Montana that will always provide us with the best beauty and the never ending "Big Sky"!



    Incredible Sight on Mt. Sentinel, Missoula