As it turns out, this beer has been around for a few years but I just discovered it this summer.You know I'm a die hard Bud Light junkie. But we stopped the Swan Lake Trading Post (Joe's the man!) to pick up some beer when a six pack of bottles caught my eye. Plain white box, big black letters screaming LOSER at me, and the Sub Pop logo. Like I'm NOT going to buy a sixer of beer inspired by Sub Pop records?

Photo by Angel/96.3 The Blaze

Turns out, I LOVE Loser beer! It's a pale ale, which is my preference and it's got kind of a tropical flavor, so it's yummy but my favorite part is that it's ABV is 7%. Loser is distributed by Elysian and I bet they have it at Orange Street Food Farm, I keep meaning to check. Like I said, I've been getting mine at Swan Lake.

Apparently Loser used to have a different label and changed it a couple of years ago. According to the Washington Beer Blog Loser was off shelves for a while but returned on May 1 of 2011 with a new label (which I love by the way, good call.)

Loser Pale Ale is brewed in honor of Sub Pop Records – Seattle’s ground-breaking Independent Record Label which is well known for first signing artists such as Mudhoney, Nirvana and Soundgarden back in the grunge era. While the music scene has changed over the years, Sub Pop remains one of the premier record labels in Seattle and continues to showcase talented artists across the country. This being the case, our goal was to make Loser a standout act – the prevalent hops featured in this beer are the unique and not widely available Sorachi Ace hops. This hop variety originated in Japan and is currently only grown one place in the United States – the Gamache Family Hop Farms in Yakima, Washington.

And then there's the slogan: Corporate Beer Still Sucks. This is right up your ally!