LOVED Nick Oliveri in Queens Of The Stone Age, but always knew he was a crazy sonofabitch, so I wasn't very surprised to read this morning that he got into it with the L.A. SWAT Team.

Cops were called to Nick's place yesterday after a neighbor reported a disturbance.  His girlfriend apparently told police he had struck her the day before so she went to the apartment to get her stuff and move out, which started another argument between the couple.

Nick then locked both of them inside the apartment, refusing to let the girlfriend leave.  A SWAT team was called in, there was a 2 hour stand off before he finally let her leave without further incident.

When cops searched the apartment they found a fully loaded high powered riffle.  Nick was booked on felony domestic violence and has since been released after posting $100,000 bail.  Apparently he didn't blow all of his QOTSA money if he's got that much cash lying around.

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