Since being ousted from Queens of the Stone Age in 2004, bassist Nick Oliveri has been keeping very busy. Including work with Slash, Vista Chino (Kyuss Lives!), the Dwarves and many others, he's been leading his own solo project. However, in a new interview, Oliveri revealed he'd like to work with former QOTSA bandmate Josh Homme once again, but he doesn't think it will happen because Oliveri apparently owns 47 percent of the band's trademark.

Nick Oliveri was fired by Homme after the bassist became physically abusive with his girlfriend. Oliveri has had a number of troubling incidents since, including a police standoff, but that didn't stop QOTSA from inviting the bassist onstage for a number live appearances in 2014, though there was some fan backlash.

“I think that it was a bit blown out,” Oliveri tells Hot Press. “Josh said, ‘It’s going to be a long time coming. It’s going to be hard. Some fans won’t understand, because of everything that’s been said and everything that’s gone on.'”

Despite the seemingly buried hatchet, Oliveri tells Hot Press that a permanent QOTSA reunion probably won't occur. “I figured out the reason why there probably won’t be a reunion of Queens is that I own 47 percent of the name," says Oliveri. "Why would you let somebody come back that had that? I’d have to sign away that 47 percent and I’d be a hired gun. I really don’t want to be a hired gun just to be in the band again. But I’d like to do a record with Josh one day, whether it’s Queens or something else. Just to work with him again would be great.”

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