Lzzy Hale is standing out in the male dominated world of hard rock and metal, and in the process the Halestorm singer is paving the way for more women to follow.

Lzzy spoke with Black Velvet magazine about how more and more women are turning up at rock shows, and not just as arm candy. She explains, “These girls that we see need to be there and some of them cry and they’re screaming every word and there’s such passion that I see. They’re definitely making a statement of independence as well by going to these shows cause it’s not something you just go to with your girlfriends, you know, have a few drinks, or not if you’re underage, but it’s definitely a different breed of girl.” Hale says they’ve actually found inspiration in these women and wrote a track on their EP titled ‘Daughters of Darkness’ specifically about the women who come to rock.

Inspiration from another female also sparked their song ‘Rock Show.’ Lzzy reveals, “‘Rock Show’ was inspired by a little girl we know in the States. She’s a 13-year-old little guitar player and she wrote me this letter. It’s a beautiful letter about the first time she came to our show and it was her first show and then she got her a guitar and long story short, she’s got a little band now and she can play Eddie Van Halen‘s ‘Eruption.’”

The singer adds, “It’s amazing what she’s been able to accomplish in the last couple of years, but she wrote me this letter about how much just going to that show changes the course of her life and inspired her to carve out her own path for herself and have the confidence to do so.” Lzzy says she was so inspired by the letter she brought it into the sessions and showed it to her bandmates and they all agreed they had to write ‘Rock Show’ for the girl.

While there’s no doubt that Halestorm is doing plenty to advance women paying attention to rock, they definitely want to keep things inclusive for everyone. So, in hopes of inspiring others to follow them into music, Hale and guitarist Joe Hottinger have posted a video tutorial through Guitar World for their song ‘Here’s to Us.’ Check it out below.

Watch Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale Discuss Women’s Love of Rock

Watch Halestorm’s Joe Hottinger and Lzzy Hale Teach You How to Play ‘Here’s to Us’

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