Now that winter has finally arrived, more and more snow storms are sweeping through our area. You never really know when they are going to start dumping fluffy snowflakes, but that is not stopping you from going on with your life.

According to, 2020 driving survey of 1,500 people,

  • In winter, the temperature drops and this can stiffen the rubber and affect tire pressure in winter tires. To counteract this, a responsible driver should check their tires frequently. 86.4% of respondents knew this is a safe practice during the winter.

  • 93.3% of people correctly identified that you should not use cruise-control or traction control on icy roads.

  • 96.1% of respondents correctly identified that if you begin to skid on icy roads, the driver should never slam on the brake pedal in order to regain control of the vehicle. Consider engage anti-lock brakes before driving for this same reason.

Outside of very low visibility during a snowstorm, the next uncomfortable driving scenario for us would have to be driving at night, during a heavy snowfall. But, if you are a fan of Star Wars, odds are you have "hit the hyper-drive and jumped into light speed" during your drive. You know? Hyper-drive? Where the spaceship goes so fast, that thousands of stars blur into straight lines as you travel through the darkness of space.

If not, Here is how:

Simply call out for your co-pilot "Chewie" and turn your high beams on your headlights....BOOM! LIGHT SPEED.

@austindembergdriving throughly the snow + Headlights = CHEWY, PUNCH THE HYPERDRIVE!!!!!!!♬ Star Wars Theme - End Title (From "Star Wars") - The Magic Orchestra

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