Crime numbers were close to a record low this week in Missoula. Deputy County Attorney Jason Marks says they filed eight new felony cases, but that doesn’t mean the office wasn’t busy. The recent homicide case kept everyone occupied.

“It is not just homicide cases, but our office is very involved with the investigation end of the case and working very closely with the law enforcement agencies involved,” Marks said. “It is a significant commitment in terms of time and resources.”

According to Marks, the eight cases that were filed this week were pretty diverse.

“There was really kind of a variety of stuff,” Marks said. “There were a couple felony domestic violence cases, methamphetamine possession, felony DUI and a couple forgeries that were not in custody. People got time to charge those because we had a little bit of a slower week. It kind of runs the gamut I guess.”

Marks hopes the number of new felony cases continues to go down each week.

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