Pull up a chair and get ready for a "back in my day" story.

It was a long long time ago, when I first heard Matthew Bile play. Matthew is one of the founding members of the popular Missoula metal band, Walking Corpse Syndrome. It was so long ago, let's say 2007, and I cannot recall exactly where we were that day. It could have been a house party or the ELKS club for all I know. I just remember thinking "DAMN! These guys shred!"

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Soon the band became regular guests in the Blaze studio and toured all over the PNW.

I remember how I almost got into a car accident the day I heard one of their new singles air on Sirius XM satellite radio channel "Liquid Metal." Thinking how proud I was to see a band from Missoula become successful and get national attention.

However, all good things must come to an end. As Walking Corpse Syndrom has announced they are hanging it up for good. But, not without a fond farewell concert.

According to a post from Matthew on the WCS FB page

So it's with no lack of irony that we must announce that after 18 years; 1 violinist, 2 drummers, 3 guitarists, 3 keyboardists, 6 vocalists, and 7 bassists; and countless local bans; after too many missed birthdays (both our own and our loved ones), anniversaries, work days, sleepless nights, and wrecked vehicles that Walking Corpse Syndrome will playing our final shows this spring.

This weekend will mark the FINAL SHOWS for Walking Corpse Syndrome.

  • Friday May 24th, a 21+ show at the Dark Horse with Ceres, Zephyria, and Tendencies of the Flesh.
  • Saturday May 25th, an all ages show at the ZACC with Blessiddoom, At Home in Hell, and Elephant Graveyard.

Show support for a band that has been grinding in the local music scene for so long, that it could vote. A band that has helped inspire countless other bands to pursue their passion for music. Most of all, thanks for being an overall good time and cherished member of the now thriving Missoula music scene.

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