Years ago, our pal Leif from Walking Corpse Syndrome, had a craving for a proper tater tot casserole. He reached out to social media for suggestions on how to make the best tater tot casserole. He soon passed out, but when he woke the next day he had people battling over who had the best recipe.

That sparked the music/food festival we call TOTFEST. A festival that features live performances from 16 bands while celebrating all things TATER TOTS. This action-packed "spud-tacular" is happening TOMORROW (August 20th) at The Dark Horse.

Matt Bile, the guitarist for Walking Corpse Syndrome, has been trolling his fellow bandmate for weeks on TikTok. Matt knows that his pal Leif, the frontman for WCS, does not like mayonnaise. Therefore, Matt decided to make cooking shows where he cooks only using mayonnaise. You have got to see some of Matt's creations on his show "Who Cares Cooking."

Now, Matt and Leif have challenged each other to a cook-off. To see who has the best Tater Tot Casserole cooking skills.

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