From pistols to handcuffs, Missoula police carry a lot of gear to do their job and this year they’re adding another piece of equipment. Over the last few weeks, Detective Sergeant Jim Klawitter says the force has been practicing with a new device to prevent death in those suffering from an opioid overdose.

"Recently all of our officers received training in administrating what is commonly known as NARCAN, naloxone is the actual chemical name for it, but it is a medication that is administered to people that are overdosing on opioids," Klawitter said. "Everybody wasn't done at once. It has been a process that has been going on over the past couple of months."

Missoula police have practiced administering the drug through a nasal spray canister, and late Monday night, the practice paid off.

"At 11 in the evening, officers responded to the 2300 block of Ernest and found an unresponsive male who was overdosing on opioids," Klawitter said. "The officer that was on scene administered the NARCAN and it revived the victim. After we administered the NARCAN the person was transported by ambulance to the hospital."

It appears there are no criminal charges in Monday’s opioid overdose case, though Klawitter says an investigation is underway because it appears the drugs were obtained without a prescription.

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