Breweries aren't the only industry trending in Montana, distilleries are also on the rise and Missoula now has two.

The Montana Distillery opened its doors just three weeks ago on Woody Street.

The business originally opened up in Eureka in northwest Montana and the owner says it's the third oldest distillery and second oldest producer of vodka in Montana.

They make their vodka out of sugar beets from Billings and offer flavors like huckleberry, coffee and cherry.

“Our friends and other patrons have come in or are coming back more and more so we're getting a lot of repeat business. People who don't like vodka normally, are buying our vodka and different flavors and the original even and so we're just ecstatic," said The Montana Distillery Owner Mark Hlebichuk.

Hlebichuk says they'll eventually produce gin, whiskey and bourbon and during the summer, they'll open a back patio and have food carts in front of their business.

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