When you think of "snobby," you think of a snotty heiress getting out of her Mercedes at a Hollywood premiere. A person who looks down their nose at anyone who has less than they do. Someone who cares more about their "purse puppy" and Range Rover more than anyone else. But when you think of Montanans, "snobby" is not really a word that comes to mind.  Still, if you had to choose, what are the snobbiest towns in Montana? The folks at Roadsnacks.net are back at it again, with a study on the snobbiest towns in Montana for 2023.

How did Roadsnacks come up with these results? They looked at median home price, median household income, percent of the population with a college degree, private schools per capita, theaters per capita, and art galleries per capita. (In all cases, higher is snobbier.)


According to the calculations, the results for the top 10 snobbiest are:

  1. Bozeman
  2. Whitefish
  3. Belgrade
  4. Helena
  5. Billings
  6. Missoula
  7. Kalispell
  8. Livingston
  9. Red Lodge
  10. Columbus

What landed Bozeman at #1 and Missoula at #6?

For Bozeman, the Median household income and higher education were the deciding factors. With a median income of $67,354 and a 64% rate of college degrees in those households

For Missoula, the number of grads and median income also played a huge factor. With a median income of $54,423 and a 51% rate of college degrees, Missoula claims #6.

Check out the full list of snobbiest cities in Montana and their data, from the folks at Roadsnacks.net.

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