Missoula is a college town, and that means a lot of college students looking for the cheapest beer possible, which means a lot of people go with PBR as their drink of choice. It was the same way when I was in college - Pabst was the cheapest and most available option, so naturally, we drank it all the time.

But what if it suddenly wasn't the most available option? In fact, what if Pabst Blue Ribbon just disappeared... forever? Because there's actually a real possibility that might happen. Apparently, MillerCoors has been brewing Pabst's beers for years, but that partnership ends in 2020. Rather than renew the contract, MillerCoors has decided they want out of the deal, which could spell the end of PBR.

Theoretically, the two companies could renegotiate the contract or Pabst could find another company to help them out, but it's a clear move by MillerCoors to attempt to put Pabst out of business so they can corner the cheap beer market for themselves. So savor your PBR while you can - you never know if it could be the last one.

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