Hi, everyone. This is Kayla, your 107.5 Zoo FM One-Woman Street Team, and it's a pleasure to meet you! Every week this summer I'll be bringing you the most exciting highlights of what I've seen happening in the Missoula area over the last week. Let's kick it off!

There are beautiful views to be found up in the South Hills. I love being up high and seeing all of Missoula down below. Missoula is one of the most beautiful cities in America, even from the heart of downtown.

Monsters with motors and big teeth came to Missoula this weekend. Jurassic Quest took over the Adams Center and the fairgrounds got real loud on Friday and Saturday nights with the sounds of roaring monster truck engines thanks to the Northwest Monster Nationals.

If you're not into loud things, there were so many other ways to spend a beautiful weekend in the valley.

So many cool things are always happening in or around Missoula every week! Take some time this summer to get out and explore our great city!


    Another View of Missoula... From High in the Sky!

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