A new episode of Netflix’s phenomenon Tiger King has been released, creating a reunion of sorts despite the coronavirus pandemic. Joel McHale (The Soup / Community) hosted the special episode, talking to the main characters of Tiger King and roasting Motley Crue with one of the more lovable figures.

McHale’s first catch-up interview was with Joe Exotic’s head zookeeper Erik Cowie, who became beloved by Tiger King fans for his incredible devotion to big cats. Along with setting the record straight that he’s never used meth and claiming Joe Exotic should not be released from prison, he shared his distaste for Motley Crue.

“This is a very serious question, Eric,” McHale prefaced. “You’re being compared to Vince Neil. Are you flattered by that?”

“Oh god, I fucking hate Motley Crue,” Cowie responded. “They’ve never been my thing, no. It was too plastic, man. I’m sorry.”

McHale kept the roast moving with, “Well obviously, you’ve also got a much lower body fat percentage than Vince Neil does right now. Vince probably will come after me. It’ll be a slow walk to come get me.”

Neil has been the subject of much fodder for a number of years, stemming from a viral performance at Rock in Rio 2015. However, to prepare for Motley Crue’s 2020 stadium tour with Def Leppard, Vince Neil has been hitting the gym to get in shape for the dates, which at this time, are still scheduled to take place.

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