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So, I’m sitting here checking out the top Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her according to U Gift Ideas. To be honest, I thought a lot of them were super cheesy. So I decided I should weed out the bad ones and tell you guys about the ones that actually look like they would be practical and appreciated. There is something listed for every budget. In fact, the best gift I found was under $15! Score!

These are way cool. I nonchalantly showed my boyfriend these while raving over them, so I’m crossing my fingers that this is what I get for V-Day. The description explains that you can “Keep your loved ones close by, as you keep in touch with our personalized cellphone Design-A-Skin.” You can choose any photo, image or graphic to create a decorative cover that fits your personal style perfectly! They offer 23 cellphone model templates to ensure your Design-A-Skin will fit your cell phone. Awesome and very unique!

If I don’t get the cellphone skin above, I hope I get this gift. Who knows, maybe I have been a good girlfriend this year and will get both! One can only hope, right? I love spicy foods, love them! So this is perfect for me, because according to the site, they will “send three sizzling surprises each month.” “Their experts have searched the globe to find the best blistering hot sauces, peppery salsas, zesty snacks, hot winger sauce, spicy chili and much more! All this will be delivered right to your doorstep! I’m positively smitten with this gift idea.”

After I get done making myself a stiff bloody mary using hot sauce from the above gift, I will probably want to use this breathalyzer. If you love someone, you want them to be safe, and you want to avoid getting a call at 2 a.m. to come bail that certain loved one out of jail for drunk driving. According to the site, this keychain was featured on the “Today Show.” The makers describe the keychain breathalyzer as “innovative and discreet.” It’s FDA approved and is small enough to fit in your pocket. Not only that, but it has a timer to keep track of your parking meter! Simply blow into the top and read the results three seconds later on the LED lit screen. It’s fool-proof!

Even though it’s listed as a Valentine’s Day gift idea, I am going to be purchasing these for my buddy who plays in a band. They are actually more of a party favor, as they come in packs. The smallest pack consists of 20 picks. The company lets you choose any photo to be displayed on the front of the guitar pick. On the back side of the pick, you can add up to three lines of personalized text of your choice of 10 backgrounds and font colors. You can even choose between block or script font. The picks are made out of premium grade celluloid heavy material, so not only are they cool to look at, but your guitar lover – pun intended – will appreciate that they are actually useful as well.

5. Beard Ruler - $20

It’s about time someone came up with this! It’s a T-shirt that doubles as a beard ruler! Genius! The makers use these famous words to describe their shirt. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in the moments of comfort and convenience, but how far his beard hangs over his chest.” –Martin Luther King Jr. Nuff said.



With the stellar prices of the gifts I listed above, you can actually purchase all of these if you wanted. I really have no use personally for the beard ruler T-shirt, but heck, I’d still sport it! Check these out and click “order” now! You won’t disappoint.




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