With the hot summer temperatures lingering around much of Montana. People and animals are looking for ways to cool off. It is normal to see wildlife and livestock taking a dip in the "crick" now and then. But, critters creating their own swimming pool with a dam, is something new. Unless that critter is a beaver...obviously.

Another critter known for damming up rivers, was the American Bison. When Lewis and Clark first came west, they met gigantic bison herds. Sometimes these herds were so big that they brought traveling the river to a complete halt.

According to Lewisandclark.org

Lewis and Clark could scarcely fathom the size of bison herds, particularly on the more remote reaches of the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers. On June 30, 1805, above the Great Falls of the Missouri, Clark gazed upon a single herd he estimated at 10,000 strong. On August 1, his party "was obliged to lay to for an hour" while a "gangue of Buffalow ... as thick as they could Swim" forded the river, blocking downstream passage. 

Well, it looks like the closest living relative to the American bison is taking a page from their cousins playbook. A video ha recently turned up online of a angus cow making her way through an irrigation ditch. The cow appears to be enjoying the cool water and almost treating it like a water slide. Eventually damming up the river with her gigantic bovine butt.

I guess that is one way to cool off. It beats running though the sprinklers.


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