We all have them. Little things that people do that just bug you to no end. Small characteristics that people have that just drive you up the wall. They are called "Pet Peeves."

merriam-webster.com defines Peet Peeve as


: a frequent subject of complaint

For example, one of my biggest pet peeves is when a passenger, in the vehicle Im driving, decides to reach over and honk my horn at someone. Whether to be aggressive towards someone who was driving bad, or just to get someone's attention. Honking the horn in my car is getting you closer to walking to our destination or even a taste of the back of my hand.

What are other Montanans biggest pet peeves?

The career website Zippia recently crunched the numbers to find out what pet peeves people searched for on google.

According to Zippia

To find each state’s pet peeves, we once again turned to google trends. After all, what better way to find what grinds people’s gears than what they’re searching for help with?

We looked at a year of search data, giving each state time to truly be exasperated by the little (or big) annoyances in life.

There list of Pet Peeves include:

Burping, Nail Biting, Slow Internet, Litter, Bragging, Traffic, Table Manners, Badly Behaved Kids, Public Display of Affection, Laziness and Pessimism.

All of these "peeves" could annoy just about any one of us here in Big Sky country. But, one seems to bother us more than the others.

Montana (along with Connecticut, Louisiana, Mississippi, and North Dakota) cannot stand it when people BRAG! Yeah! Burp all you want, but spare us the long story about how you won a burping competition in college.

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