The summer season is just around the corner, meaning more to do outside, more people visiting Missoula, and —unfortunately— fewer parking spots. Here are some tips on the best parking in town from a native Missoulian. 

The Wilma

Oh concert season, how we’ve missed you. But we haven’t missed trying to find a parking spot before the show. I’ve always found that you’re bound to snag a spot somewhere either downstairs under the bridge or in the parking lot directly across the street at First Interstate Bank.


Finding parking downtown can become a real headache, especially when there’s an event or two going on. There always seems to be good luck with trying the Central Park Garage on West Main Park Place at 201 East Front. 

For a quick extra tip, If you're picking up food at Dobi Teryaki and you're bad at parallel parking, park downstairs below Stockman's Bar and dash up the back stairs.

Hiking the "L" or "M"

Hiking is one of Missoula’s greatest joys, and again, it can be an arduous task to try and park if you’re not biking/walking there. The best spot to get when hiking the L is at the dead-end of the east end of Cherry Street. For the M, you can usually find parking right below the mountain or across the street outside of Grizzly Pool.

Adams Center

Whether there's construction going on in the main parking lot or not, your best bet for parking at this venue is in the parking lots to the east and south of the venue, so behind and outside of Grizzly Pool. There are usually open spots within a very short walk to the front doors.

Going Floating

There are a couple of good spots to start your float sessions, but here’s my personal favorite place. At Sha-Ron Fishing Access in East Missoula, there’s a perfect place to begin the float and always somewhere to park, no matter the time. 

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