The annual "gathering of the ruggers" is coming, May 19th thru the 21st, ushering a spring tradition in Missoula for nearly 50 years. Each year, rugby players from around the WORLD flock to the Garden City for the annual tournament, as well as some rowdy fun.


If you have never truly experienced the mayhem of Maggotfest, here are our 10 Commandments for Maggotfest.

  1. Be prepared for the weather - It is spring in western Montana, and as we all say "if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute." The weather at Maggotfest can be unpredictable. It can go from sunshine to snow during the course of the annual tournament. Don't leave your jacket at home.
  2. Be prepared for funny accents - The annual tournament brings rugby teams from all over the world. Don't be surprised if you hear a lot of people using the word "Mate" or "G'day."
  3. Be prepared to drink - Let's face it, rugby players like to drink. And drink they do. Gallons of beer are distributed among the crowds at Maggotfest. $25 gets you a cup, which is good for unlimited refills over the entire weekend.
  4. Be prepared for nudity - Rugby players can be a rowdy bunch, but they are also comfortable with their bodies. Beware of the spontaneous "de-pants-ing" or the ever-popular streaker at the matches. Not to mention the annual barn dance.
  5. Be dressed for success - Every team seems to have some way of making themselves stand out from the others, while in full-on party mode. Don't be alarmed by grown men in baby diapers or the occasional pirate.
  6. Be prepared to get soaked - The Saturday night block party is part of what makes Maggotfest so internationally famous. But, with everyone drinking FREE beer, it is no surprise that some beer may get spilled (a.k.a thrown into the air without any care where it lands.) If you are not comfortable getting soaked with beer, you may want to skip the barn dance.
  7. Be prepared to make new friends from around the world - Not only to players flock to Missoula to play, but so do spectators. You never know who you will meet, and from what part of the world.
  8. Be prepared to learn rugby club songs - During Maggotfest, downtown Missoula will be filled with partygoers singing their favorite club songs. It could be anything from an altered Neil Diamond song to a nursery rhyme, each with lyrics that could make a sailor cry.
  9. Be prepared to control your bladder - That which goes in, must come out. With the mass quantities of beer, you are bound to find yourself in line for the bathroom. Keep in mind that everyone else is drinking mass quantities of beer too. Don't wait too long to get in line, unless you want a rugby song sung about your wet pants.
  10. Follow the Rules - Yes, even Maggotfest has rules. Some they came up with, but the rest are LAWS. According to the official Maggotfest website:
    • Do bring an ID. The Montana drinking age is 21 and we will not serve beer to players without ID's.
    • Do NOT camp on the fields.
    • Leave your dogs at home.
    • Do NOT Drink and Drive.

Follow these 10 Commandments of Maggotfest, and you will have the greatest time that you will probably never remember.

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