Last night we set out on our much anticipated paranormal investigation of the University of Montana. We teamed up with our friends at Tortured Souls Investigations to investigate multiple locations on campus. It seemed like a slow night, as far as personal experiences go, but some unexplained things did happen. Including the following photo that appears to have a shadow figure.

During our investigation of the University Theatre, we spent some time in the backstage area. TSI investigator, Kris Bratlien, Brooke and Kevyn (one of our winners) were snapping photos of the mirror in the dressing room.

According to the TSI Facebook page, Kris wrote

One of the "cardinal rules" in ghost hunting in never take pictures into a mirror or other reflective surfaces, but notice the "shadow figure" between the girls...we tried to recreate this over a dozen times with no luck. The picture right after this has nothing in it...just a reflection? It's very possible, but I found it interesting none the least.


Shadow image. Notice the shoulders and hairstyle. Neither of the girls in the photo had that hairstyle. Including Kris (hahaha)

Immediately after the photo was taken, Brooke snapped another and the shadow was gone.

We even went back and tried to recreate exactly what happened. The only difference in this photo is the addition of TSI investigator Nikki (left). She was not backstage when the original photo was taken.

Is it paranormal? Who knows? But it is interesting. We are reviewing our audio and photos now and hopefully will have some more evidence to share this afternoon on the SCKC show. Stay tuned and Happy Haunting.