Tis the season for the paranormal. Fall has always had an association with death. The spring and summer are the peak of the seasons and fall is when things start to wither and die. I think that is why Halloween has been such a morbid holiday. It is a celebration of death.

I am fascinated with the paranormal. Things that cannot be explained. Things that go bump in the night. I want to believe that we are not just here one minute and gone the next. Thats why I enjoy researching haunted locations. A few years back, yours truly and Shawn (aka Rockstar Radio), went on a local expedition to uncover some local hauntings.

1) Main Hall ( Uof M)
Shawn and I set out with nothing more than a digital camera and a couple digital audio recorders. The janitors on campus were more then happy to assist us in our hunt and allowed us after hours access to the main hall. The main hall on campus is known for having "residual hauntings". Defined as "repeated playbacks of auditory, visual, olfactory, and other sensory phenomena that are attributed to a traumatic event, life-altering event, or a routine event of a person or place, like an echo or a replay of a videotape of past events". Main hall has been around for over 100 years and has had people constantly occupying it everyday. whether it be students or faculty. The kind of evidence you will experience in main hall will usually be the sounds of footsteps, people talking, type writers or doors shutting.
During our investigation, I sent Shawn into the bathroom in the basement of the main hall to do a solo investigation. While he was in there he was being his usual self. He took a whiz in the urinal and farted into the microphone. Obviously he didnt catch any evidence. The interesting part was when he came out of the bathroom and decided to replay his "evidence" for me. As we were giggling at his blatant fart on the mic, a door nearby, behind us, slammed. When we checked the doors in the basement, they were all locked. We asked the janitors if any of the doors had been left open. They assured us that all doors had been locked. Unfortunately we were too busy laughing at the fart on the digital recorder to have caught the audio of the door slamming.

2) St. Mary's Cemetery
That same night we ventured, with permission of course, to St. Mary's Cemetery on the North Side. No matter where you are, a cemetery is creepy. But St. Marys was different. You felt different when walking around the gravestones at night. We really didnt have any method on how to investigate it other than to just stroll around and snap pictures with our digital camera. When we got home later, the evidence we caught on camera surprised us. We had caught a bunch of unexplained light ribbons in the pictures. One of the pictures had Shawn standing next to a headstone and a dozen three dimensional ribbons appeared between the camera and him. Unfortunately the camera I had at the time has broke and I dont have the evidence to show you. But our friends at TSI (Tortured Souls Investigations) had caught the same evidence on a previous investigation.


If you want more creepy local investigation evidence, check out the TSI website or "like" them on facebook. Also keep listening to 96.3 The Blaze, checking the Blaze website or the Blaze Facebook Fan Page for details on how you can join myself and TSI on a future paranormal investigation