Fireworks displays are being canceled all over the country. That includes the annual Missoula show at Southgate Mall.  Thankfully we still have a handful of options for fireworks shows here in western Montana. But, the shows around the country are few and far between.

WHY? Worker shortages.

Much like many other businesses, places are just short-staffed. There are not enough people to properly pull off many of these shows. So, there are simply not happening.

But there really is not much to be upset about. The fireworks displays are usually large enough that you can get "front row seats" from just about anywhere in town. And not having to fight the crowds is a refreshing thought. Think about it. It really isn't that fun having to show up super early to claim your little piece of territory in order to wait patiently for hours for the sun to go down and the fireworks display to begin. Not to mention the traffic that you have to wade through after the show in order to get back home.

Saturday Night Live alumni, and hilarious stand-up comedian, Jim Breuer explains exactly why you shouldn't be too upset about not getting to experience the full aspect of the fireworks display this year.

Keep in mind that Seely Lake is hosting an all-day 4th of July celebration that will feature a fireworks display over the lake. There will also be the return of "4th at the Fort" when Fort Missoula hosts an all-day celebration of Independence Day.

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