I think of myself as a pretty damn good grilling machine. Lets face it. It is probably one of the most primitive ways to cook. You take meat and put it over fire. "UGH! Me Man and Me Hungry!" It is easy. It all comes down to timing. You want your steak rare? It is one half of a beer per side. Medium rare? One half beer per side while smoking a cigarette. Simple right? Well, for the grilling impaired, Hot Pockets has come out with some limited edition goodies that you will have to see to believe.

Hot Pockets has started a ad campaign called the "Hot Pocket Cool Down." They are featuring limited edition sandwiches like "Chili Cheese Dog" and "BBQ Bacon Burger." But the best is the following commercial featuring Toby Turner who forces Wanda to "blow on it" over and over.

Three minutes of your life you will never get back. But it is funny and delicious looking.

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